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What is the procedure for converting numbers to roman numerals?

To multiply a Roman numeral (or group of numerals) by 1,000, draw a horizontal line, or bar, across it. For instance, if you wanted to write 5,000, you would type V.

Using Bigger Numbers

To show that a Roman numeral had been multiplied by 1,000, certain Romans would use a vinculum above it.
High numbers of 100,000 or more are represented using a frame that is open at the bottom. This frame indicates that the portion of the number contained within the frame be multiplied by 100,000.


Roman Numeral Symbols

Symbol Value Latin Name
I 1 unum
V 5 quinque
X 10 decem
L 50 quīnquāgintā
C 100 centum
D 500 quingenti
M 1000 mille


What are some popular applications for Roman numerals?

In everyday life, Roman numerals are commonly used on clock faces, chapter numbering and copyrighting in books, pharmaceutical prescriptions, and numbered lists. For the dating of movies and television shows, dates are sometimes presented in Roman numerals. They are also used during some sporting events, including as the Olympics, the Super Bowl, and wrestling matches.

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